LEADRP handles complex tasks via low-volume manufacturing and high-quality prototyping. It does this from the early stages of product design to the final products. LEADRP offers complete services and support, including:

Injection molding

Rapid prototyping

3D printing

Vacuum casting

Surface finishing

CNC machining

Sheet metal fabrication


The CNC machining services

LEADRP has more than 15 years of machining experience. It creates CNC machined products manufactured according to your specifications. The team works hard to provide you with the parts you want at a favorable cost. LEADRP offers the following services in CNC machining:

CNC milling

CNC turning

CNC cutting

Wired EDM machining

CNC drilling

The CNC machining abilities 

LEADRP uses several CNC machining equipment and CNC machining techniques. They improve the ability and speed that copes with massive production applications.

The sheet metal fabrications

LEADRP enjoys a rich experience in metal manufacturing and engineering. It has a wide range of surface finishes, manufacturing options, and materials.

The sheet metal fabrication abilities

LEADRP uses several equipment and technologies that improve mass production ability and speed.

The sheet metal fabrication services 

Laser cutting

Metal punching

Waterjet cutting

Plasma cutting

Sheet metal welding

Surface finishing options

Sheet metal surface finishing

Sheet metal stamping and bending

LEADRP machines the surface finish applied on the parts to build surface layers. These layers meet your products’ chemical resistance, appearance, and hardness. All these depend on the application of the components and the material properties.

LEADRP provides the following finishing options for the sheet metal services.

Powder coating



Bead blasting

Surface finishing 2

The anodizing services improve the aluminum alloy’s corrosion resistance, increase wear resistance and surface hardness of the aluminum alloys. It provides good resistance after the coloring treatment.

How LEADRP works

The instant quotes

Provide LEADRP with your design files and receive instant quotations within a few hours.


After reviewing quotes and the placed orders, LEADRP starts the production journey.

Delivery and receive 

After passing quality inspections, your parts are well and carefully packed. They are ready for shipping to your desired location.

Urethane casting services

They are processes in which urethane resigns poured into silicon rubber molds to give the plastic parts in little/low volume production. LEADRP offers urethane casting services to improve the ability and speed that copes with your low volume and prototyping production applications.

What’s urethane casting, and how does it work

The urethane casting process makes the plastic parts. The process resembles injection molding, where 3D printing or CNC machining can produce master patterns.

Thermoplastic polyurethane is the material used in this process. Thermoplastic polyutherane is a material with characteristics similar to rubber which is flexible and has a silicon feel.

LEADRP pours urethane into the RTV silicone (silicone) or into the epoxy mold, where it hardens (cures). It creates polyurethane casting under a vacuum making the urethane casting known as vacuum casting. The results are urethane casting having the same shape as the original models. LEADRP can now cast the polyurethane resin into the desired parts when silicone is ready.


LEADRP has a technical team with vast experience to give you quality products that meet your specifications. Contact LEADRP for quality work in product production.


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