When we purchase pressure washers, we encounter some fault or error. Although these can be easily rectified, they can be worrisome since the washer’s performance is affected.

Some of the common errors are:

Blocked Lance or jet

This is a common cause of pressure washers not working. You need to clear the obstruction to make the pressure washer work.

Pulsating Pump or Pressure Issues

If the inlet filter is blocked, removing the inlet filter and cleaning it of any dirt or mud can help restore the pressure issue very well.

Hose Length

This is a problem for pressure washers if the hose length is more. In this case, we can shorten the hose length.

Low flow and Chemical Injection

If there is a problem of low flow, then we can try the following things to correct the problem;

Air can be present in the system. The best thing is to turn off the pump and then restart. Also, check blockages in the inlet. Sometimes the nozzle of the lance is also blocked.

No Pressure

If a pressure washer has no pressure, then significant problems can arise. For this problem, check the voltage of the appliance. Do check the connection of the plug. Check if the power cable has become faulty.

Pressure Drops after a few seconds use

This is a common problem encountered in pressure washers. In this case, the nozzle is cleared with a needle.

Pressure Washer not Cleaning the Surface

This problem arises due to the wrong nozzle size. The solution is to switch to a higher pressure spray nozzle.

Engine not Starting

If the engine is not starting, there is no gas, so the solution is to fill it with gas. It might also mean that the choke is not in the right position. So moving it to the right position helps a lot. Pressure build-up can be another reason for the engine not to start. Therefore squeezing the trigger gun can help start the engine.

Engine Stops Working while using

This is a common error encountered, and the reason usually is low oil level. Therefore we can check and fill the oil for it to function. It can also be due to a dirty air filter. In that case, clean or replace the filter.

Oil Dripping from the Engine

This mostly happens due to worn seals. Therefore replace the worn seals to rectify this problem.

Irregular Bypass causing Pressure Problems

Worn valve seals cause pressure fluctuations. The only solution is to remove or replace this.

More than usual, Noise

This happens when water intake is blocked. The only solution is to clean the blockage and replace it well.

It is important to note that any unloader problem leads to very low pressure and leakage. You may wish to replace the unloader immediately with one that has similar gallons per minute (GPM) and PSI ratings.

Those as mentioned above are the most common problems with pressure washers. These are the simple tips for repairing your pressure washer yourself at home. Happy washing!


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